Wow. The best suprise ever was waiting for me when I got home from work today.

It’s like a piece of art! 

The dress is just magnificent. Exceeded my expectations. Well I knew it was going to be outrageously gorgeous but the quality, and the style and tone is just beautiful. The sequins are gorgeous! The colour! Even love the bust and corset. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. It really is my dream dress. I knew years ago when I pinned it on my Pinterest board that is the one for me. And a few years later I am actually the proud owner or ‘THE’ best wedding dress I ever saw on pinterest’. Wow. I am so glad I spent a day trying to find where I can get it. And thankyou for making my dream come true. For working with me and for creating something that will make me feel incredible on the day. 


Working with Alex Mearing to create my dream dress was a wonderful experience. Alex has such a great appreciation and knowledge of fashion and the female figure she quickly helped me hone in on the style I wanted. The result was a beautifully made, ultra feminine, one of a kind couture gown. 

The guidance and suggestions Alex provided throughout the process made the daunting task of designing a wedding dress effortless and fun. Generous with her time and an amazing eye for detail Alex made for me the perfect dress.

Jessica Gordon

I ran into Alex Mearing, also originally from the South Coast but who now calls Noosa home, at a social function not long after we got engaged and before I’d given any thought to the dress. I’d always admired Alex’s style and talent as a designer and we chatted casually about fashion and my personal style and what she thought would suit me. 

Months later after trips to Brisbane and Sydney in search of the perfect dress I found myself back at Alex’s Noosa studio and as she sketched out an idea I soon realized the design was a version of a dress she had described to me months earlier in passing conversation – she knew the perfect dress for me long before I did. The whole process was amazing; I enjoyed every part of it from selecting the right shades of oyster silk and silk organza, to seeing it take shape during weekly fittings, to watching Alex’s skill in crafting couture with a quiet confidence. 

Alex’s involvement in my wedding fashion didn’t end with the wedding dress – her Klams bikinis ( also came in handy during our honeymoon at Bannister’s Pavillion in Mollymook. 

Felicity Meikle

My wedding was more than I could have thought possible. 2 years before I married my husband I saw a dress that Alex had custom made all over social media. I new then that I would want one of her dresses - one day. I didn't actually think it would happen though. Every aspect of conversations, fittings and making my dress was what I had envisioned to reality was so easy with Alex. The woman is incredible at what she does. I'm truly lucky and grateful to have worn one of her dresses on my wedding day. It was perfect to say the least.

Shae-Ellen Rich

I couldn't be happier that I found Alex to create my formal dress! I had exactly what I wanted in mind and she brought that image to life by sourcing the perfect fabric and creating a cut that suited me!

Millie Siljuk